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We are a brick manufacture of Architectural Brick, Commercial Brick and Residential Brick.
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Taylor Clay Products, Inc.
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Tiger Brick System
Made in USA
Made in U.S.A.
Quality Bricks from Taylor Clay Products

The Taylor’s have been in ceramics since the 1800’s, and at our current location in Salisbury, North Carolina, for more than 60 years. The pride of the tiger is our heritage.

Our more than 150 years of heritage and skill produces the finest grade architectural face brick.

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All our brick products are made with through-the body-colors and all are manufactured using high grade fire clays.

The architect brick line has an endless array of color combinations and sizes from which to choose.

Most importantly, we are able to make a wide variety of special shapes, from simple to complex. We take a tiger’s pride in being able to produce what you need.

Introducing the "Tiger Wall System"

Taylor Clay's innovative manufacturing process allows us to produce full brick, thin brick and custom clay pieces, simultaneously on the same mill and fired in the same kiln. The use of same materials, same production line, and same firing process results in perfection. This helps to ensure the superior color match and size for the jobs that require both applications. By ordering your products from one supplier it helps create a direct line of communication and resulting work efficiency.   « read more »

Tiger Wall System Panel


Taylor Clay Products specializes in Architectural face brick.

Knowing that special shapes can enhance the beauty of any Project.




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